Biography of Pío Pita Pizarro (1792-1845)

Spanish politician born in Benavente (Zamora) in 1792 and died in San Sebastián in 1845.

Law student at the University of Santiago, belonged to the literary battalion during the war of independence, reaching the rank of Colonel. One of the four secretaries of Fontana, on 11 June 1820.

Secretary of the General captaincy of Castilla la Nueva, in 1822, official of the Secretariat of Guerra, in 1823. June 11, 1823 is one which avoided the absolutist attempt of Downiein Seville. Prisoner by conspirator, says stream in 1830 (is not clear the date of prison).Author of general trade lessons followed by a notion or quick look above the history universal (Madrid, 1833) and memory on the absolute freedom of trade and the free port of Cádiz (Madrid, 1834).

Deputy for Zamora to the constituents of 1836-1837, political boss of Logroño, Madrid, in 1837, Minister of governance, from 27 March to 9 July 1837 and interim finance, from August 18 to October 1, 1837, Senator for Pontevedra, swore on 20 November 1837.Diputado by Corunna, 1837-1838, new Finance Minister, December 6, 1838 to May 10, 1839, Deputy for Pontevedra, in 1839 (the representation of this province was disapproved). The Minister is that presence higher attacks the "man of the three PS", accused little liberal and even "abachillerado".

Author of new considerations on the absolute freedom of trade and ports (Madrid, 1839), translates and adapts the credit and public borrowing, by Giuseppe of Welz (Madrid, 1838), in addition to exhibition and Bill on the way occur to the endowment of the cult and the clergy (Madrid, 1839) and economic, historical-critical review of the finance and government debt (Madrid1840).Deputy elected by Zamora and Pontevedra, in 1841, opted to Zamora. In the first and second legislature 1843, chosen by Zamora, Lugo and Pontevedra, opted for this. He/She published historical and statistical knowledge of the public finances of France (Madrid, 1843).


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