Biography of Azari Plisetski (s. XX)

Dancer, choreographer and teacher of Russian ballet, brother of Maya Plisetskaya and nephew of Asaf Messerer.

He studied at the choreographic School of Moscow under the direction of his uncle, as well as Nicolay Tarasov and Alexei Varmalov. In 1957 he/she debuted with the Bolshoi Ballet, and in 1963 he/she joined the National Ballet of Cuba in the spent ten years as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. For this company he/she created the Advanced (Alexandrov, 1964), first Concerto (Prokofiev, 1971) and Vital singing (Mahler, 1973), the latter also in the Repertoire of the Stuttgart Ballet and Ballet of the national Lyric Theatre. He/She formed a pair with Alicia Alonso in numerous performances outside of Cuba, which include some as the interpretation of Giselle at the Gala Expo ' 67 of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens (1967), Carmen with the Arabesque Ballet of Bulgaria (1969) and The Tchaikovsky Tokyo Memorial Ballet Company (1972).

In 1971 he/she returned to Moscow to dance the Swan Lake together with Josefina Méndez, and that same year formed a pair with Loipa Araújo in Coppelia for the Ballet of the Opera of Sofia. In 1973 he/she returned to the Bolshoi Ballet, and in 1978 again left Russia to work with the Ballet du XXe Siècle MauriceBéjart. In 1981 he/she was appointed master of the Kirov Theatre ballet, and in the 1983-84 season was in the Ballet de Marseille of Roland Petit. Back in Russia, was ballet master and choreographer of the Moscow Ballet State Theater, although he/she continued to travel to Europe to staged ballets in various European companies. He/She was Assistant to the artistic director and master of the Ballet of the national lyrical Theatre between 1987 and 1989. He/She currently works with the Béjart Ballet Lausanne.