Biography of Gaspar Polanco Borbón (1816-1867)

Politician and Dominican military born in Corral Viejo (Guayubín) in 1816 and died in La Vega in 1867. It was the second of the three Presidents who, during the war Restorer, drove out the Spanish troops on the island.

During the war of independence in 1844 he fought with the rank of Colonel in the ranks of the separatist militia that arose in the Northwest of the country against the Haitian occupation, and in 1861, when it produced the annexation to Spain, had already reached the rank of general of Brigade. At the outbreak of the war Restorer two years later, Polanco became one of the ringleaders of the Dominican cause in the conflict and starred in the taking of the fortress San Luis in Santiago, the capital, where the seat of the revolutionary Government was established.

Supporter of the total annihilation of the enemy, was opposed to the Government of President Salcedo, whom he accused of weakness in the battle for the freedom of the Dominican people, and managed to wrest power and reach the Presidency on October 10, 1864. In December, he organized an expedition of 2,000 men to counter the Spanish invasion of Monte Cristy and prevent the advance of the troops enemy to Cibao.

A rebel movement, led by Pedro Antonio Pimentel, entered the city of Santiago on January 21, 1865, and the President was imprisoned. Polanco managed to escape and reach safety in the city of La Vega, where he died, victim of tetanus, in 1867.