Biography of Rafael Pombo (1833-1912)

Poet, journalist, translator and Colombian engineer. He was born on November 7, 1833, in Santafe de Bogota, and died there himself on May 5, 1912. He entered the Seminary of Bogotá, where he studied Latin, and then at the Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, where he studied humanities. He received the degree of mathematics and engineering at the military college. He traveled to the United States, where he remained for seventeen years and then returned to their homeland. Due to lack of vocation, he left engineer career to engage in diplomacy and then to politics. In 1872 he was appointed Perpetual Secretary of the Academia Colombiana de la Lengua. He translated poems from the Greek, latin, English, French and Italian.

As a journalist, Pombo founded various national newspapers, such as El Cartucho and El Centro; He directed the Thomist and collaborated in La Siesta, El Heraldo, El Obrero, the new age and the Chronicles. Pombo is recognized as the best exponent of romanticism in his country. The central themes of his poetry were God, nature and women. He cultivated all lyrical genres from high Ode to the tiny Epigram, and has passed to the history of the Colombian literature as "the poet of the children". In 1905 put it the honor of being declared the poet of Colombia.De his numerous works include the following: Fables and truths (1916), painted tales, prelude to spring, time of darkness, at Niagara, tales for formal children, love and marriage, military Vademecum, accounting Spanish libretto, new method of reading, the alphabet, Doña Pánfaga (poetic play with esdrújulas words).

The poor old woman. Tale in verse of Rafael Pombo

Once upon a viejecitaSin to comerSino nadita meats, fruits, sweets, cakes, eggs, bread and fish.He drank soup, chocolate, milk, wine, tea and coffee, and the poor not Encontrabaque eat or what drink.And this old not Teniani a ranchito in what a House vivirFuera grandeCon his orchard and garden.Nobody, nobody the Andrés and Juan cuidabaSino and bred eight Gily and two pajesDe livery and bowtie.He never had in what sentarseSino chairs and benches and spring to the backrest cojinesY Sofascon.No other bed than a Foodmore Golden to an altar, with a soft feather mattress, many silk and much holan.And this poor viejecitaCada year until its end, had one more year of viejaY least one to live.And look at the espejoLa he always frightened old Alliotra of goggles, Papalina and toupee.And this poor viejecitaNo had what vestirSino thousand cortesY of fabrics and thousand suits.And if not for their zapatosChanclas, boots and boot, Descalcita by the sueloAnduviera the unhappy.Appetite never tuvoAcabando to eat, nor enjoyed health completaCuando was not well.Died of sickness wrinkles, now stooped as a 3, and never returned to quejarseNi hunger or thirst.And this poor viejecitaAl dying left no more than ounces, jewels, land, houses, eight cats and a turpial.Sleep in peace, and God permitaQue will be able to enjoy them this pobreY poverty die of the same evil.

The renacuajo paseador. Tale in verse of Rafael Pombo

The son of frog, tadpole foods, came out this morning, very stiff and very majoCon shorts, necktie fashion, curb hat and wedding lollipop."MOM boy, do not go!"yells.But he makes a gesture and orondo goes.He found on the road to a neighboring mouse, and said to him: 'friend! "come, you with me, we visit together to Doña RatonaY will be francachela and there will be binge".Just arrived, and advances mouse, stretching the neck, take the door knocker."Da two or three strokes, they ask:"Who is?""""-I, Doña Ratona, kiss you feet "."Are you at home?"-" Yes, Sir, yes I am: and glad too see you today; "I was in my office, spinning cotton, but that's not important; welcome they are."Became the permission, they shook hands, and says Ratico, who is more veteran: "my friend the Green rage heat, give me beer, do me a favor"."And in both that the rogue consumes the Jarramando Lady bring the guitarraY to Renacuajito requests that canteVersitos cheerful, elegant tune."-Ay! "" mil amores did so, Madam, but it is impossible to give it taste now, I have the gullet drier estopaY much tightening me this new clothing ".""-I'm sorry infinite, meets tia rat, loosened a little vest and tie, and I while both I'm going to cantarUna peculiar little song".But being in this brilliant role dancing and beer, guitar and song, La Gata and her cats save threshold, and become what the final judgment.Dona Gata old trinchó by the child orejaAl Ratico twittering him: 'Hello' and children cats the old RataUno by the leg and another by the tail.Don Renacuajito looking at this Asaltotomo his hat, took a tremendous leap, and opening the door with hand and nose, was giving everyone "happy night".And continued jumping so high and quick, which lost hat, tore the shirt, he sneaked into the mouth of a duck Tragony this fills what was a single lug.And thus concluded, one, two and three, mouse and mouse, and the frogCats ate and duck dined. MOM frog and solita was!