Biography of Georges Jean Raymond Pompidou (1911-1974)

French politician. Close associate of general De Gaulle, was Prime Minister from 1962 until 1968, and President of the Republic since 1969.

He was born in Montboudif, Cantal, in 1911. In the years leading up to World War II, he served as Professor of letters and science policy at Lycée Saint Charles in Marseille and, subsequently, in a prestigious Parisian school.During the nazi occupation of France, took an active part in the resistance movement, where he stood by his verbal attack, who by their military actions, who starred as Lieutenant of Alpine troops.Contributor to general De Gaulle when this liberation movement, was admitted to the circle of collaborators of the general, at the end of the world war, among whom, very soon, there was a great rapport.After the defeat of De Gaulle in 1946, became one of the senior officials of the Bank Rothschild, which was named CEO in 1956.Dos years later, when De Gaulle reached the Presidency of the Republic, became the man of trust of the general. In 1962, he was appointed Prime Minister, who served until 1968, in which he presented his resignation.After the retirement of De Gaulle, in 1969, he was elected President of the Republic, thanks to the support of Gaullism and the right.During his tenure, oriented its internal management towards a restructuring of the economy and finance, placing great emphasis on the need to give the French industry more competitive capabilities. But her concerns about internal problems, not dwindled his dedication to foreign policy, which stood out for his approach to the countries of French-speaking black Africa, traveling, in 1971, to Mauritania, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Gabon; and, here in Europe, in 1972, submitted to referendum the draft law authorizing the ratification of the Treaty of accession of the United Kingdom to the European Economic Community (EEC). Also, during his Government, came the accession of France to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).Pompidou died in Paris, on April 2, 1974, before the end of his presidential term.SAD