Biography of Carlo Ponti (1912-2007)

Producer of Italian cinema born in Magenta, on December 11, 1912, and died in Geneva (Switzerland), January 10, 2007. He/She studied in Milan, graduating in law. Practiced as an attorney between 1935 and 1938, in which is introduced, definitely, in the world of cinema, as producer.

In 1945 he/she obtained a first success with the film Rome, open, and from here successes two women (first Oscar for SofĂ­a Loren), followed one another relentlessly, like living in peace, Attila, Ulises, La strada, war and peace, yesterday today and forever, marriage Italian and Doctor Zhivago, which won six Oscars.

The exit of Italy was that Ponti transferred all its business from production to France and United States. He/She worked with the main directors of the world and launched many Italians in the United States. Its main titles are: 25 time, the girl and the general, rather than a miracle, breakfast at Tiffany's, a place for love, street love, career Casandra, etc.

In 1973, he/she was sued for defamation to the person of Pope Pius XII by producing film retaliation, and in 1979 was sued and sentenced by the Italian courts for evasion of foreign exchange and artworks.

With the films he/she produced got ten Oscars of the Academy of cinema in Hollywood, several awards at the Cannes festivals, as well as in Berlin. In 1961 he/she directed La campesina, movie that Sophia Loren received an Oscar and consecrated it as world diva.

Carlo Ponti died in January 2007 at the age of ninety-four respiratory difficulties.