Biography of Dick Powell (1904-1963)

Actor and director of American cinema, born in Mountain View (Arkansas) on November 14, 1904 and died in Los Angeles (California) on January 2, 1963, whose full name was Richard Ewing Powell.

His film career went through different stages which were the interpretation to the address. He/She took his first steps in the show while studying at College in his hometown; soon he/she was attracted by music and acted as a singer, activity in which became highlight professionally, at the time working for a telephone communications companies. He/She acted as the vocalist of orchestras in relative importance and came to also work as a dancer at teatro Stanley, of the city of Pitsburg.

At the beginning of the 1930s is when the film is set in it and the Warner decides to hire him, precisely because of its musical activity, working in movies type, eminently commercial and somewhat cyclical products. His debut occurs in King VidorStreet (1931). Among the numerous musical plays include 42nd Street (1933), Lloyd Bacon, and with excellent choreography by Busby Berkeley, one of the choreographers who most stood out in the cinema of those years.

Into the 1940s, you are changing your registration and will engage with special interest to comedy. Among his films over the years should certainly mention its participation in Christmas in July (1941), a fun Ribbon, with considerable success in its time and not bad memory, who directed the excellent Preston Sturges. The Frenchman René Clair makes protagonist happened tomorrow (1944), one of his films of the American period of the Gallic director.

In the mid-1950s, participates in captives of evil (1952) from Vincente Minnelli, in a film giving an image a bit raw in an environment that the public had idealized. He/She played the role of screenwriter Lee Bartlow, and worked alongside Kirk Douglas, Lana Turner and Barry Sullivan.

Shortly after Powell will leave his acting career to the field of management, land in which he/she shot five films. Split Second (1953), the first one, was followed by the Conqueror of Mongolia (1956), film of exotic atmosphere (that account that it was shot in the desert of Utah, where existing nuclear radiation, results of scientific tests conducted there, would have bearing on the crew members who died prematurely from cancer). In 1957, he/she made what many consider his best work as a director, battle of the Atlantic, where it has the chase between a German submarine and a U.S. destroyer, commanded respectively by Curd Jürgens and Robert Mitchum. The following year he/she puts an end to its cinematographic activity, with the shooting of two passions (1958), film shot in the wake of the war in Korea. Until his death, Dick Powell did not return to work for cinema. Despite having worked in important productions, the greatest merit of this actor and director - who was a big star, nor won major awards - was to be a professional capable of adapting to all kinds of situations.


As an actor:

1932: Pleasant event; The King's Vacation; It is also business work; Big City Blues (uncredited). 1933: 42nd Street; Footlights parade; Vampire 1933; What week!; College Coach; The Road is Open Again.1934: twenty million sweethearts; Wonder Bar; The Generalitat; In pursuit of the ventura; Music and women; Hollywwod Hobbies (uncredited); And He/She Learned About Dames (uncredited). 1935: 1935 vampire; The divine glory; The Broadway gondolier; A Midsummer night's dream; Thanks a million; Long live the Marina!; A Dream Comes True (uncredited). 1936: Stage Struck; Colleen; Hearts Divided; Gold Diggers of 1937. 1937: Varsity Show; On the Avenue; The Singing Marine; Hollywood Hotel. 1938: Hard to Get; Cowboy from Brooklyn; Going Places. 1939: Naughty but Nice. 1940: Christmas in July; I Want a Divorce. 1941: In the Navy; My wife is not single. 1942: Star fantasy; Happy Go Lucky. 1943: True to Life; Riding High. 1944: Happened tomorrow; A detective story; Meet the People. 1945: Cornered. 1947: Johnny o'clock. 1948: The legion of the damned; Opium; Pitfall; Station West. 1949: Mrs. Mike. 1950: The Reformer and the Redhead; Right Cross. 1951: The Tall Target; Cry Danger; You Never Can Tell; Callaway Went Thataway. 1952: Captives of the evil. 1954: Three nights of Susana.

Works for television:

1952: Four Star Playhouse (series). 1954: The Long Goodbye (episode of "Climax"). 1956: The Best in Mystery (series); The Long Road Home and Courage Is a Gun (episodes of "Zane Grey Theater"). 1957: Black Trail, The Deserts and The Open Cell (episodes of "Zane Grey Theater"). 1958: Sundown at Bitter Creek, The Scaffold and Let the Man Die (episodes of "Zane Grey Theater"). 1959: Welcome Home Stranger, Confession and Death in wood (episodes of "Zane Grey Theater").1960: Small Town That Died and Desert Flight (episodes of "Zane Grey Theater"). 1961: Ambush and The Silent Sentry (episodes of "Zane Grey Theater"). 1961: The Dick Powell Show (series; and producer).

As director:

1953: Split Second. 1956: The Conqueror of Mongolia (and producer); You Can't Run Away from It. 1957: Duel in the Atlantic (and producer). 1958: between two passions (and producer).