Biography of John Wesley Powell (1834-1902)

Geologist and American Ethnologist, born in Mount Morris (New York) on March 24, 1834, and died in Haven (Maine) on September 23, 1902. famous for having made the first classification of American Indian languages, as well as his pioneering work as a geographical and geological research in the region of the Rocky Mountains.

He studied at the Oberlin College of Oberlin (Ohio) and was a Professor of geology at Wesleyan University and later Illinois Normal University. In 1867 explored the Colorado mountains, in 1868 the Grand River (Rio Grande) and the White River (White River), and in 1869, the Green River (Ríos green). The result of these scans served you to the Congress of the United States funding you a scientific, topographical and geological expedition to the Grand Canyon, the river and its tributaries. In 1879 he was appointed director of the Office of Ethnography, founded by the U.S. Government; President of the Association for the advancement of science was later director-general of the service of geological explorations of the United States, and in 1889.

He is the author of many works as the exploration of the Grand Canyon (1875), manifesto on farmland and the arid regions of the United States (1879) and introduction to the study of Indian languages (1880), among others.