Biography of Andrea Pozzo (1642-1709)

Painter and stage designer Italian, born in Trento in 1642 and died in Vienna in 1709. After a brief activity in Trento, in 1655, happens to be a member of the society of Jesus, and living seasons in Genoa, Turin and Rome.

His work is highly theatrical, and he/she mixes all the decorative Baroque elements. Get great effects both in ceilings and walls, thanks to a precise knowledge of mathematics and geometry.His most important work is the decoration of the Church of St. Ignatius in Rome, where he/she made the triumph of San Ignacio. The work is conceived as a world ascending, dynamic and moved. Architecture is below up, to make way for a break from sky. The pictorial effect produces a very real sense. The entire composition is combined with an up and down motion that produces great dynamism.The painting was at the service of the power of the society of Jesus, so it was very followed by the members of the Commission.


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