Biography of Yves Préfontaine (1937-VVVV)

French Canadian poet, born in Montreal in 1937. He/She studied anthropology and sociology in Montreal and Paris. He/She was one of the founders of Éditions de l´Hexagone in 1953. He/She was editor of the literary magazine titled Liberté in 1962 and radio announcer. In 1968 he/she won the Prix des Concours Littéraires du Québec and the Prix France-Canada by his poetic collection entitled Pays sans parole (1961).

His poetry, of a very personal nature, is made up of extensive and lush lines that occasionally reveal a surreal imagination. His poems contain a strong emotional charge.

Within his poetic production, importantly, Boreal (1957), you temples Les effondres (1957), L´autre du Poème (1960, collection of prose), l´oree des travaux (1970), meltdown (1970) and Nuaison (1981), containing poems written between 1964 and 1970.