Biography of Claudio Prieto (1934-VVVV)

Spanish composer, born November 24, 1934 in doll of the Peña (Palencia). He studied in Madrid with Ricardo Dorado and El Escorial with Samuel Rubio. Subsequently he lived several years in Rome, where he was a disciple of Goffredo Petrassi. Since 1964 he resides in Madrid. Assigned first to serialism, he abandoned it in favor of a style of great intensity of expression and constructive solidity.

Works for Orchestra

Symphony I (1976) with chorus, Symphony II (1982), Concerto for voice and Orchestra (1984), contrasts (1967), Cathedral of Toledo (1973), Libertas-Libertatis (1975), Nebula (1972).

Works for Ensemble

Movements for voice and Orchestra Chamber (1962), Algamara (1970), circles (1970), Arambol (1976), Concerto grosso (1977), LIM 79 (1979), parody (1980).

Chamber music

Pieces for Quartet (1961), sounds (1968), Solo to only (1969), the fire of the music (1971), reflections (1973), fantasy for violoncello and piano (1974) Sonata I (1977), sometimes (1980) quintet of wind, Sonata 3 (1981).

Vocal music

Songs for voice and piano (1961), songs of Antonio Machado (1962), Ode XIV (1966), acts of the passion (1974), amplitude (1975), proverbs and songs (1975), the poet, the fire, the word (1978), Coplas of Jorge Manrique (1979), Espanolias (1983).

Instruments only

Viola suggestion (1973), toys (1974) piano, whimsical piece (1979) piano, remembers (1980) flute, whimsical pieces (1981) guitar.

Music composed by Claudio Prieto