Biography of Joaquín Prieto Vial (1786-1854)

Joaquin Prieto.

General and Chilean politician, born August 20, 1786 in conception and died on November 22, 1854 in Santiago.

He began his military career and early obtained the graduation of Lieutenant of cavalry. 181 he/she participated in the campaign of Buenos Aires (Argentina) as captain general. In 1814 he/she was appointed Governor of Talca and the same year took refuge in the Andean country after defeat in the battle of Rancagua. On his return to Chile he/she fought at the battle of Chacabuco in 1817, together with the Liberator army of the Andes; that same year he/she held the position of Commander of arms of Santiago. One year later he/she participated in the battle of Maipú as Commander of the reserve division and director of the arsenal of the army.

In 1820 he/she was decorated with the Medal of the order of the Sun by the Government of Peru. A year later he/she was appointed Acting Governor of Concepción.

His parliamentary career began in 1823, becoming Deputy for Rere and Chillán in 1824 and 1825. Years later, he/she again assumed the position of Deputy by Parral in 1828-1829, and became Vice President of the Congress.

When the civil war of 1829-1830, Prieto was Mayor of the city of Concepción. However, he/she fought at the battle of Lircay, which put an end to this conflict.

Overcome the national crisis, Joaquin Prieto became President in 1831. With the rise of Prieto to the Presidency ended the so-called period of "Anarchy". The Ministers were distinguished in their cabinets Manuel Rengifo in finance; Diego Portales in the portfolio of war and Navy and Joaquín Tocornal in Foreign Affairs. Under this Government, the Constitution of 1833 was passed and changed the electoral law in accordance with the changes ordered by the new Constitution.

With this new regulation, Congress devoted its work to several works as the creation of the removal or retirement of civil law. In addition, the Minister Manuel Rengifo applied tax and customs reform and ordered the finance. In 1833, by the impulse of the Minister Joaquín Tocornal, were created the schools of medicine and obstetrics.

On August 30, de1836, Joaquín Prieto Vial, was re-elected by a large majority the President.

Almost at the end of his first term, Prieto made a ministerial Castle and moved to Diego Portales to the ministries of the Interior, Foreign Affairs and war and Navy; on the other hand Joaquín Tocornal appointed in the portfolio of finance. Made these adjustments of Cabinet, the Government moved in 1837 to implement some reforms such as the abolition of the Chair of theology at the University of San Felipe, and the creation of the Ministry of Justice and public instruction in charge of Mariano Egaña. The Declaration of war against the Peru-Bolivian Confederation was a series of revolts and conspiracies, which ended with the assassination of Minister Diego Portales.

Overcome these conflicts, the Prieto administration enjoyed greater peace of mind allowing him to achieve some progress in this presidential period, as the Foundation of the national society of agriculture (S.N.A.) and create the Pacific Steam Navigation Company with the collaboration of Guillermo Wheelwrigt English subject.

José Joaquín Prieto, ended his second presidential term on September 18, 1841.