Biography of King of Egipto Psammético I (664-610 a.C.)

(Psmtjk) First King of the Egyptian dynasty XXVI, son and successor of Nekao I, last Pharaoh of the XXV dynasty. Psammetico I started his reign under the total dependence of Assyria, whose King Assurbanipal had settled like men in Egypt to Nekao I, for control from Sais around the country, and his son, Psammetico I, as Lord of Athribis, after having been executed Bakennefi III. Killed his father Nekao I, known by the Estela de el Sueño, Tanutamon was recognized King in Napata, elephantine and Thebes and Memphis, but Assurbanipal, before the request of help from Psammetico I who had come to Assyria, returned to quickly send their troops to Egypt, Heliopolis and Thebes which, chasing Tanutamon, who took refuge in the South, looted and took a special loot (according to the Assyrian annals). After this action, it is not appropriated in the Egyptian texts, Psammetico I was left as King, and was gradually recognized by the delta Kinglets and fittings, sometimes at the expense even of fierce struggles. He/She had to tolerate, however, in Thebes the theocratic government independent of Mentuemhat, fourth Prophet of Amun, which is entitled King in one of his inscriptions. For the unification of the country and the departure of the Assyrian occupation troops--which was largely the throne - had the collaboration of mercenary troops, primarily Ionians and carians, as we know by Herodotus.

In Thebes, in 656 BC, made his daughter Nitocris I (Mehetemueskhet meeting) was adopted by Shepenupet II as a successor to the divine wife of Amon (Estela de la Adopción), which was given a large dowry (who came to be the fortunes linked to the range of spiritual Princess) that was administered by the influential Butler Ibi. This Psammetico I actually controlled throughout the country. Memphis and Sais - city origin of this dynasty - acquired great importance as administrative centers well controlled by Sematutefnakht; Thebes, in the hands of the faithful Nesnauiau, maintained in obedience to the South. Egypt opened to many foreign people: Greeks, who were granted lands, Phoenicians, Syrians and Jews, with which the country was greatly internationalized.

In foreign policy, Psammetico I established an alliance with Gyges of Lydia and died this when faced with the Assyrians, then did not drawback in Pact with them. This enabled him to act with total freedom in the Lebanon and Palestine, where seized from Ashdod. He/She later came to support the Assyrians against the Chaldean Nabopolassar. Special interest showed the Egyptian King by the Administration, by reorganizing it in depth, giving great importance to everything to do with the Navy. During his long reign, the cult animals was emerging, and even enlarge the Serapeum of Memphis (necropolis of dead Apis Bulls). This King, whose Crest name was Uahibre, and had managed to make Egypt an international State, laid the groundwork for called "Renaissance Saite", of great historical consequences. It was succeeded by his son Nekao II, who probably had his wife Mehetemueskhet.