Biography of King of Egipto Psammético II (595-589 a.C.)

(Psmtjk) Third King of the twenty-sixth Egyptian dynasty, son and successor of Nekao II. His short reign of six years was characterized by an expedition carried out against the Nubians of Anlamani, Firecrest, which had established a second dynasty at Napata. For it had help from Greek, Phoenician and carios mercenaries sent by Potasimto, and the makhimoi Egyptians led by Amasis, who came to the current Uadi Halfa. Such campaign, whose motive and purpose are ignored, is known us for Greek graffiti in the foot of the Colossus of Rameses II at Abu Simbel and some Egyptian stelae. In any case, perhaps obeyed the company to a nationalist backlash, which was primed destroying monuments and deleting entries from the previous Ethiopian domination in Egypt. Also, in the fourth year of his reign, Psammetico II, whose power in Palestine and Syria had waned, made a peaceful trip to Kharu (Phoenicia) and the city of Byblos (Jbeil), whose return was killed. Of such a King, whose name of crest was Neferibre, some stelae and statues; we have received in one of them (now in the Cairo Museum) is cited along with three of her sisters. His daughter Ankhenesneferibre, tinged with his wife Takhauat, was adopted by Nitocris I, daughter of Psammético I, as the successor in office of divine wife of Amon, I had rigged the control in the area of Thebes. Psammetico II-time data probably the city of Naucratis, which would later become the city of the Greeks of Egypt. At his death, he/she was succeeded by his son Apries.