Biography of King of Egipto Ptolomeo I o Ptolemais I (367-282 a.C.)

(Ptwlmys) King of Egypt, son of lakes, Macedonian military commander, and his wife Arsinoe. Ptolemy I, known as Soter (El Salvador) and born in Macedonia, was the childhood friend and then courageous and distinguished general of Alejandro Magno, receiving the death, in 323 BC, the Persian satrapy of Egypt. In the subsequent agreement and cast that was made could retain control of his satrapy. Although he/she participated in numerous wars, focused on establishing a solid and independent in Egypt domain, and could also control the Celesiria (who left in 310 BC to be defeated his brother Menelaus, Governor of the same), Cyprus and Cyrenaica, as well as some islands of the Aegean and the anatolicas coasts. Ptolemy I took the title of King in 305 BC, adopting the name neswt Meriamón Setepenre bity, and keeping all the titles and prerogatives of the Pharaohs. Among other priorities, he/she devoted himself to founding cities (as of Ptolemais), restore temples (those of Naucratis, Hermopolis, Coptos) and beautify Alexandria; in fact, it was the inicidor of the construction of the famous lighthouse of this city, work from Sostratos of Cnidus, and which end up Ptolemy II, his son and successor. Likewise, gave a cultural boost to this city: he/she brought important characters and began gathering a large library in a suitable Museion (he wrote a remarkable story about Alejandro Magno). In the religious field, he/she created a new religion, a cult who practiced at the time of Egyptian and Greek, to establish the worship of Serapis (new divinity resulting from the sum of Osiris and Apis) and Alejandro Magno, whose body was brought from Babylon to Alexandria, where he/she built a magnificent Tomb (known as Soma) still not localized. Ptolemy I was married to a daughter of Nectánebos I, but later repudiated it and was married to Eurydice, daughter of Antipater, which had four sons, one of them Ptolomeo Ceraunos. Also repudiated that, married with Berenice I, which gave her other children, among them, Arsinoe II and Ptolemy II, who associated as easy in 285 B.c. Ptolemy I foreign policy focused on attempting recovery from Cyprus and arrange the marriages of his daughters, who married with important characters. Ptolemy I held different busts; stands out, among all, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen.