Biography of King of Egipto Ptolomeo II o Ptolemais II (308-246 a.C.)

(Ptwlmys) King of Egypt, son of Ptolemy I and his wife Berenice I. He/She reigned for two years associated with his father, and only, with the name neswt bity of Userkare Meriamón, from 283 BC undertook during his reign different wars: against his half-brother Magas, who has had proclaimed independent in Cyrenaica; against Antiochus I Soter; against Antigonus Gonatas, and Antiochus II, in the context of the so-called Syrian wars, but that did not prevent his time would mean that of the heyday of the Ptolemaic Empire, because he/she came to control vast territories in Asia minor, Phoenicia and Islands. Economic prosperity and good governance - whose achievements we must mention the creation of a real banking - allowed the realization of large buildings in Alexandria (Palace, Sanctuary, Museion, library, ports, completion of the famous lighthouse), as well as different expeditions and foundations of emporiums in the Red Sea. Ptolemy II first married Arsinoe I, daughter of Lysimachus of Thrace, one of the most important generals of Alejandro Magno, who bore him three children: Lysimachus, Ptolemy III (the largest and what would be his successor), this future late wife of Antíoco of Syria and Berenice. Disowned Arsinoe I under the pretext of treason and exiled to the South of Egypt, Ptolemy II married her older sister Arsinoe II, widow of Lysimachus of Thrace and woman of great character, not gave no son and that Ptolemy II appears on its coins. Such marriage earned him the nickname of Philadelphos ("where love brother", nickname in reality of his sister and wife Arsinoe II, and which was applied to Ptolemy II after his death). Ptolemy II instituted the feast of the Ptolemaia in honor of their deified parents, and then, in 271 BC, the cult to the gods Adelfos, in honor of his wife Arsinoe II and himself.