Biography of Pudu-Khepa (ca. 1266-1255 a.C.)

(Pu-du-khe-pa) Daughter of the wealthy priest Pentip-Sharri and principal wife of the Hittite King Khattusilis III, Rameses II Egyptian under a treaty ally. The figure of Pudu-Khepa reached great prestige in Hatti, to the point that his name was appropriated next to her husband in many official documents (case of the aforementioned Treaty with Egypt). On the rear side of the clapboard of silver, which contains the text of the same, is the seal of the Queen, with an inscription that says: "Seal of Pudu - Khepa, Princess of the land of Hatti, daughter of the country of Kizzuwatna, priestess of the Sun from the village of Arinna, owner of the land, God servant of the goddess". Their participation in the Affairs of State is shown in correspondence with Egypt, with the Pharaoh and his wife great. Rameses II, in addition to sending letters to Khattusilis III, also did the Queen, even to copy the same texts. One of the examples can be of two almost identical letters Rameses II sent Khattusilis and Pudu-Khepa occasion of reception on Egyptian land of a Hittite Princess, destined to be the wife of Pharaoh (double stele of Abu Simbel). Also the Hittite Kings would then send to another of her daughters to the harem of Rameses II. The death of Khattusilis III, Pudu-Khepa followed in his great Queen role, signing official documents during the minority of age of his son Tudkhalijas IV, who was Regent.