Biography of King of Asiria Puzur-Assur III (ca. 1521-1498 a.C.)

(Pu-zur-ASH-shur or Pu-your-ur-A-shir) King of Assyria belonging to the dynasty of Adasi. Puzur-Ashur III was a son and successor of Ashur-Nirari I. His reign, according to the Assyrian Royal Chronicle, was 24 years old, although a Variant assigned only 14. The synchronous Chronicle designates Puzur-Assur III signed a treaty border with the King Burna-Buriash IHouse, in which the border between the two kingdoms was fixed at the level of the city of Samarra. Assyria, which until then had been folded and subjected to the State of Mitanni, began to reorganize with Puzur-Assur III, who initiated a policy of restoration of public buildings in Assur, city to which endowed with solid walls. He/She was succeeded on the throne by his son Enlil-Nasir I.