Biography of Puzur-Ishtar (ca. 2050-2025 a.C.)

(Pu-zur-Esh-tar) Governor (shakkanakku) and general (gir-nita) of Mari, son and successor of Tura-Dagan, contemporary King Amar-Sin and Shu-Sin of the third dynasty of Ur, who depended politically. Puzur-Ishtar is known for its statue of diorite (of 1.73 m tall), found in what used to be the Palace of Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon, and today preserved among the museums of Berlin - the head - and Istanbul - body. This statue presents two inscriptions in Akkadian, which indicates the sonship and votive character of the same (dedicated to the God Enki). In addition, a clay tablet, copied during the Babylonian, collects the name of Puzur-Ishtar. His son Itlal-Erra succeeded him as Governor.