Biography of King of Asiria Puzur-Sin (ca. 1740 a.C.)

(Pu-zur-Si-en) Assyrian king of the old empire, known only by an inscription on a slab of Alabaster, as well as revolves ishshiaku of the god Assur and son of Ashur-bel-shame (an unknown character), said that it had expelled the Asinum King, grandson of Shamshi-Adad I, who describes as "foreign plague" and men "not Assyrian blood". Apparently, destroyed the Palace of Shamshi-Adad I, which Puzur-Sin, had been built on sacred ground, and built some sections of the walls of Assur. In any case, his reign was developed in a period of confusion, since his death the throne passed to Assur-dugul, qualified in the Assyrian Royal Chronicle as a "son of no one" who had no right to the throne.