Biography of Johann Joachim Quantz (1697-1773)

Composer, flutist and German theoretician. In 1716 he joined the municipal Orchestra of Dresden and two years later in the chapel of Augustus II. He was a disciple of P. G. Buffardin and specialized in the study of the flute. In 1727 it became the chapel of Dresden as a flutist. He was Professor of flute's Crown Prince Federico II of Prussia and when it came to the throne, called the Court of Potsdam (1741). As a composer he wrote Chamber music, with works such as Italian Sonatas for flute and Basso continuo and sei Duetti for two flutes and harpsichord, and created around 300 flute concertos, some arias and lieder spiritual. It is considered one of the representatives of the so-called School of Berlin, along with C. Ph. E. Bach, Benda and Graun. His Versuch einer Anweisung die float traversiere zu spielen (study of teaching to play the flute), Berlin 1752), is the most representative sample on the interpretation of this instrument at the end of the Baroque.