Biography of Elías Querejeta Gárate (1930-2013)

Producer of Spanish Cinema born in Hernani (Guipúzcoa) on October 27, 1930 and died in Madrid on June 9, 2013.

He studied chemistry and law, at the time that formed part of the template of the football team of the Real Sociedad of San Sebastián, sporting career that left with 24 years. It was a regular projections performed the Cineclub of the city, where he met other young people -Erice, Eceiza- who would study at the official film school in Madrid. In 1961 he founded his first company, Lapland Films, at the time who collaborated with other producers in their first films. After directing several short films, in 1964 he decided to found Elías Querejeta P.C. From his first films will define the style that you want to print his works, involved in almost all as co-writer, at the time that brings to her around to a group of professionals who will ensure the finish of each film (Luis square and Teo Escamilla, as directors of photography, Primitivo Álvaro, in production, Pablo g. del AMO, in Assembly, and Luis de Pablo(, in music). With hunting, he began a close collaboration with Carlos Saura in over fifteen years. At the same time, in its long history will be behind movies such as the spirit of the Beehive, Pascual Duarte or Tasio, which have earned him a huge international prestige. He supported the careers of directors such as Francisco Regueiro, Víctor Erice, Ricardo Franco, Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, Montxo Armendáriz and that of his own daughter, Grace. While his film was more dump toward less commercial environments, many of his films achieved notable success, becoming, in addition, solid pillars of Spanish cinematography, as well as undeniable references in its history. Most of its productions are awarded at major international festivals (Cannes, Berlin, Venice, San Sebastián, San Francisco, etc.) and career peer-reviewed in the most remote places in the world. In May 1998, the Academy of cinema and the cinematic arts of Spain granted the gold medal for his career and contribution to Spanish cinema.

In February 2001, the Council of Ministers agreed to grant him the Gold Medal of fine arts, decoration that was awarded by the King Juan Carlos I in a ceremony held on 29 may in the Palace of El Pardo.

In 2004 Eterio Ortega presented persecuted, a film whose screenplay, written by Querejeta, delves into the drama of people living under the threat of the terrorist group ETA.

In January 2005 the Hernani producer received the honorific Medal of the Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos.

In September 2006 he presented his film news of a war, a narrative fictionalized over the three years of horror, anguish and death of the Civil War Spanish.


Short films:

1960: Through San Sebastián (co-director). 1961: through football (co-director). 1975: the incredible increase in the cost of living.

Feature films as producer:

1963: The next fall. 1965: Body present (and screenwriter); 1966 the hunt: last meeting (and screenwriter); Peppermint frappe; If we come back to see us 1967: Stress is three, three 1968: challenges; The 1969 den: the garden of earthly delights; The secret intentions 1971: devilish malice; Black Beauty 1972: a killer love letter; Ana and the wolves 1973: the Scarlet Letter; The spirit of the Beehive; The Jaider band; Speaking mudita 1974: cousin Angélica 1975: Cría cuervos; Pascual Duarte (and screenwriter); The disenchantment 1976: Elisa, vida mía 1977: a God unknown (and screenwriter). 1978: The words of Max (and screenwriter); Blindfolded 1979: MOM celebrates a hundred years; The first meters 1980: dedication (and screenwriter); Deprisa, deprisa 1981: sweet hours 1982: 1983 South: ferocious (and screenwriter) 1984: Tasio 1986: 27 hours (and screenwriter) 1990: letters from Alou 1992: A way-station 27 hours (and screenwriter) 1996: foam horns; Family; The last voyage of Robert Rylands (and screenwriter) 2001: murder in February (and screenwriter) 2002: Mondays in the Sun 2003: sentenced to the runner 2005: winter in Baghdad 2006: news of a war (and screenwriter); Goodbye, America (and screenwriter) 2007: seven 2008 billiard tables: living 2009: close of your eyes (and director)

Screenwriter (s):

1999: When come back to my 2000 side: the back of the World 2004: persecuted

Works for television:

1998: Primaries; Doñana; The party of the century (series)


Hernandez them, Juan: The cinema of Elías Querejeta, a singular producer. Bilbao. Editions Messenger. 1986.