Biography of Joseph Quesnel (1746-1809)

Playwright, poet, musician and Canadian composer in French of French origin, born in Brittany, France, in 1746 and died in 1809.

Quesnel is remembered above all for their confrontation and criticism of the Catholic Church, which was outraged, often in their satirical descriptions. In 1789 founded a theatre, where he represented his opera entitled Colas et colinette, ou Le bailli dupé in 1790. The theatre was closed two years after its opening, in 1791.

To 1801 he composed two plays titled Les républicains Français, ou du cabaret soiree, violent satire in an Act, and L'Anglomanie, ou Le diner à l´angloise. In addition, he wrote several poems, appeared some of them in the newspapers of his time.