Biography of Joaquín o "Quino" Salvador Lavado (1932-VVVV)

Humorist and Argentine cartoonist born in the city of Mendoza on July 17, 1932; It is internationally known for creating the character of Mafalda and its acute interpretation of social reality.

Son of Spanish, specifically Andalusian parents, was baptized with the name of Joaquin as his uncle. Not to confuse you with this, soon received the nickname "Cinchona", his future stage name.

She studied primary school in Mendoza and subsequently decided to enroll in the school of fine arts in this town. There are editing the Rico type magazine, in which dream to publish, someday, their creations. Between 1945 and 1949 Quino it was orphaned, abandoned the school of fine arts and decided to go for the profession of humorist-cartoonist. Visual strokes, clear profiling and best comic predominate in his drawings: the very elaborate message.

According to reveals the artist himself, the great Argentine comedians were your school. Among them it is worth remembering to Lino Palacio, which inherited handling time and a subject broad and universal; Oski, who should discipline the document before drawing; and Divito, of which received drawing lessons. Artist Luis J. Medrano, Quino said that, thanks to him, he discovered the importance of the cultural education of the cartoonist. Of all the comedians, Quino regards Romanian Saul Steingberg most influential and best Illustrator graphic of the 20th century.

When he turned eighteen Quino Salvador he traveled to Buenos Aires, where unsuccessfully presented his drawings in editorial offices of newspapers and magazines. Years later, in 1954, the weekly le this is published his first graphic humor page. This opportunity helped him platform to be known to other media, which soon included him among its pages: Panorama, Che, Leoplan, Atlantis, etc. Since then his drawings have never ceased to appear in countless newspapers and magazines, in addition to having own publications.

In 1958, Quino was hired to illustrate publicity campaigns. Company Agens appliances opted for his drawings and curiously imposed their characters names started with the letter M. The project was not viable; Quino kept their strips of drawings.

Six years later appeared the great character of Mafalda. First cartoons were published in Leoplan and subsequently the weekly first flat in Buenos Aires had the comics by Quino in a periodic manner. This publication became the world. At Christmas of 1966 was published a book that brought together for the first time ordered strips. Soon ran out of stocks: five thousand copies.

A year later came to light well is the thing Mafalda, also edited by Jorge Álvarez, who again proved their commercial success. Then began the translations into other languages and appeared the anti-establishment Mafalda in Italian, with a foreword by Umberto Eco. His books were published in Spain and Portugal, and from 1970, in countries such as Finland, Germany, Greece and France with different impact. Four years later, Quino travelled to United States and then settled in Milan.

In 1977, at the request of UNICEF, illustrated with Mafalda, and other characters already known popularly, the Edition international of the Declaration of the rights of the child. A year later he received the Golden Palm trophy, the highest honor of the International Salon of humor in Bordighera. In 1982 he was elected "Cartoonist of the year" and was awarded the Konex Platinum award. In 1988 the city of Mendoza named him illustrious citizen.

In 1992 the Quincentennial State society organized in Madrid a big exhibition entitled the world of Mafalda, in which, in addition, screened a short film made in Cuba by Juan Padrón. Mafalda also became Spanish television screens at the hands of D.G productions.

Quino received the award "B´nai B´rith human rights" for his work as a defender of them in 1998. It is a recognition of the words that come to life on the protagonists of the stories: Felipe, freedom, Manolito, Susanita, Miguelito, Guille, Mafalda's brother, and their parents.

The ability of this comedian is put in the mouth of a girl 'big or eternal questions"facing the men and women of his time. Mafalda is concerned – more or less –, which by the global situation. But within the unconformity that represents a margin of hope always is Mafalda in his generation.

Quino is considered as a humorist who has achieved with his drawings and comments, become a sociologist and popular commentator.

On December 11, 2000 the University of Alcalá de Henares awarded him the prize of graphic Humor Quevedos "by its social and artistic significance". On the other hand, the half-century history of the humorist, which among other honors included the granting of the title of "illustrious Buenos Aires", was held in 2004, granted by the legislature of Buenos Aires, while the brilliant creator of Mafalda was not born in Buenos Aires.