Biography of Juan Facundo Quiroga (1793-1835)

Military Argentine born in La Rioja in 1793 and died suddenly in 1835. He faced Rivadavia, Lavalle and peace, and supported Juan Manuel de Rosas. He fought against the royalists and later the unit.

In 1926 he beat the unit in the battles of El Tala and El Rincón. When general José María Paz fell prisoner, Quiroga overcame unit forces of the interior at the battle of the Citadel. He gripped the Northwest of Argentina and clashed with Rivadavia, who had renounced the Rio de Janeiro peace negotiations, by which Argentina was again divided in provinces and without a national Government. The country was troubled; the Governors of Tucumán and jump raised arms. Maza sent Quiroga to solve this conflict. This met with the respective representatives in the city of Santiago de Estero and achieved a peace pact between the provinces.

Back from his long journey by the province of Cordoba, at the point known as Canyon, he was assaulted along with his companions. Quiroga died and, although Juan Manuel de la Rosa sent to open an investigation into this incident, was never clarified.

Juan Facundo Quiroga had as objectives organize the country, convene a Congress, set a capital, adopted a Constitution, etc., but his early death cut short his dreams.