Biography of Rodrigo de Quiroga (1512-1580)

Spanish conquistador, born in the Galician town of San Juan de Boime in 1512 and died in Santiago de Chile on February 25, 1580. After serving as a page to the Countess of Lemos marched to the conquest of Peru in 1535, where he/she distinguished himself in Lima and Cuzco and then to Chile with Pedro de Valdiviaand Francisco de Aguirre .

In 1548 was appointed ordinary mayor of Santiago and a year later, Alderman, charge that would enjoy in perpetuity since 1550. Between 1550 and 1558, Rodrigo Quiroga served charges linked to the city of Santiago, such as Mayor and magistrate. In 1558 he/she was elected Alderman of the Cabildo of Santiago, but he/she resigned from the post to the upheavals caused by Aguirre and Villagra and his supporters. In 1560 he/she was appointed lieutenant general, who served a year. In 1565 he/she was appointed interim Governor of Chile, as a successor to Pedro Villagra. He/She held the position for two years, during which founded diverse populations as Cañete, Castro and Quinchao, Chiloé and undertook the repopulation of Arauco. In 1573 he/she was crossed in the order of Santiago. In 1575 regained the Government and kept it until his death. In this period he/she clashed with the clergy. In 1575 he/she faced the effects of an earthquake and should face the attack of Francis Drake to Valparaiso. In 1578 he/she undertook two expeditions against the araucanos Indians. Few days before his death, the King dispatched him the title of adelantado.