Biography of King of Egipto Rahotep o Parahotep (ca. 1648 a.C.)

(Ra-htp) Probably second Egyptian King of the seventeenth dynasty (Theban), who ruled after Intef V. Rahotep, who took as a crowning of Sekhemre Uahkhau name, was recorded in the Royal list of Karnak and apparently also in the Turin papyrus. It is also, in a Royal Stela in Coptos, a votive arch dedicated to the God Min and in the wake of a particular of Abydos. Some escarabeos also recorded his name. In a literary account of later period (history of the appeared), one of her passages echoes of Rahotep. Despite the dearth of information about such Pharaoh, known that he/she performed some repairs in the temples of Min in Coptos and of Osiris in Abydos. He/She was succeeded on the throne by Sebekemsaf I. Lately, it is argued that Rahotep belonged to the 13th dynasty, in accordance with a Stela found in Coptos and that is given with a Queen, whose incomplete name could be interpreted as Sebekemsaf-Haankhes, from which was born the Prince Ameny which, however, did not happen immediately to Rahotep, his father.