Biography of King of Egipto Rahotep o Parahotep (ca. 1648 a.C.)

(Ra-htp) Probably second Egyptian King of the seventeenth dynasty (Theban), who ruled after Intef V. Rahotep, who took as a crowning of Sekhemre Uahkhau name, was recorded in the Royal list of Karnak and apparently also in the Turin papyrus. It is also, in a Royal Stela in Coptos, a votive arch dedicated to the God Min and in the wake of a particular of Abydos. Some escarabeos also recorded his name. In a literary account of later period (history of the appeared), one of her passages echoes of Rahotep. Despite the dearth of information about such Pharaoh, known that he performed some repairs in the temples of Min in Coptos and of Osiris in Abydos. He was succeeded on the throne by Sebekemsaf I. Lately, it is argued that Rahotep belonged to the 13th dynasty, in accordance with a Stela found in Coptos and that is given with a Queen, whose incomplete name could be interpreted as Sebekemsaf-Haankhes, from which was born the Prince Ameny which, however, did not happen immediately to Rahotep, his father.