Biography of Arzobispo de Toledo Raimundo (1100-1199)

Archbishop of Toledo from 1126-1152. The date of his birth nor of his death is not known. It has become the history of philosophy as the founder of the school of translators of Toledo, Center created in his own episcopal Palace, which constituted one of the vehicles of the penetration of the Arabic and Hebrew philosophy in Arab Aristotelianism of the Western world. Translators include: Domingo Gundisalvi, Juan ibn Daud, Gerardo de Cremona, Miguel Scoto and Hermann the German. All the members of this school were well known in the Europe of his time, and many students came to the Peninsula to study with them. Alfonso X el Sabio would continue, later, the work of disseminating Arab, Hebrew and Greco-Latin, works that helped West to learn and understand the progress and achievements of the Arabs in medicine, philosophy, grammar, astronomy and other sciences.