Biography of Conde de Galicia Raimundo de Borgoña (¿-1107)

Noble of French origin born on date unknown and died 20 September 1107 in Grajal (León). He/She was the son of the count of Borgoña Guillermo I and Etiennette de Vienne. His brother Guido was elected Pope (Calixto II) in 1119. He/She had the title of count of Amaous when with his cousin Henry of Burgundy decided to participate in the Castilian reconquest as cross. Thus, he/she fought against the Almoravids at Sagrajas (1086). Then he/she was in Toledo to visit the Queen Constance, his aunt, and it seems that towards 1090 he/she married the young Princess Urraca, daughter of King Alfonso VI, according to the politics of the monarch to establish ties with European nobles, in this case under the purview of Cluny.

A few years later, in 1092, the King granted to Raymond and his wife County of Galicia (its former King, García, had died in prison in 1091), adding shortly after that of Portugal. He/She also had holdings in Zamora, Salamanca and Ávila. Except for some small resistors (none in Portugal) was accepted by the local nobility; It had important powers of Government, but not administered territories of given independent mode, which was one of the main partners of Alfonso VI. He/She collaborated with this in the repopulation of Ávila and Segovia; in 1105 he/she granted immunity to Santiago de Compostela. After losing at the hands of Muslims Santarém (1094) and Lisbon (1095), the Countess Teresashould yield Portugal to her cousin Enrique de Borgoña, married a natural daughter of the King.

Seems that in early 1095, he/she signed the so-called succession Pact with Henry, by which the second recognized King the first at the death of Alfonso VI (who had no legitimate sons) in Exchange for the Government of the Kingdom of Toledo or cosquin. Surely the direct cause of the Covenant was the third marriage of the King with Berta, potential threat to the rights of Raimundo as husband Jay, and also indirectly to Enrique. Some historians place however the signing of the Pact to 1105 or 1106, when Alfonso VI appoint heir his bastard Sancho (who did not prevail). Despite the Pact, in the last years of the century XI and first years of the 12th there was a confrontation between the two cousins because of the struggle for pre-eminence between the Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela and Braga; Raimundo supported the appointment for the first of Diego Gelmírez. His only son, Alfonso Raimúndez, future King was born in 1105 Alfonso VII. Raimundo died prematurely, not much later, in 1107.


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