Biography of Yvonne Rainer (1934-VVVV)

Dancer, actress, choreographer and American Director, born in San Francisco in 1934.

Engaged since his youth in the interpretation, Rainer moved to New York in 1956 to study dance with Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham and Ann Halprinteachers. He/She danced in the companies of James Waring and Alwin Nikolais. He/She began to choreograph in 1961, most of his works were created for the Judson Dance Theatre and the Grand Union group, among them: Three Satie Spoons (1961), Three Seascapes (1962), Ordinary Dance (1962), Terrain (1963) and Trio A, or the Mind is a Muscle, Part I (1966); This last piece was performed by the own Rainer and David Gordon, Steve Paxton, and then was transformed in The Mind is a Muscle (1968), Grand Union Dreams (1971) and the filmed versions of Lives of Performers (1972) and A Film About a Woman Who... (1973).