Biography of King of Aragón Ramiro I (1035-1063)

Ramiro I.

King of Aragon, natural son of Sancho Garcés III the greater of Navarre and Doña Sancha de Aibar, was the first private King of Aragon.

On the death of his father in the year 1035 received the County of Aragon, but was legally subject to the authority of his brother García Sánchez III of Navarre. However, it then adopted the title of King, in fact acting as independent sovereign. In the year 1038, probably encouraged by the barons, Gonzalo joined their domains for the counties of Ribagorza, and Sobrarde after the death of his half-brother.

In the year 1043 he/she revolted against his brother García Sánchez III and, in coalition with the Muslim Kings of Zaragoza, Huesca and Tudela, advanced to Tafalla, where was defeated and later signed the peace between the two brothers. The Pact included the acceptance of the title of King of Aragon by García Sánchez in Exchange for the return of some squares.

He created various holdings in the mountains of Guara and the Castillo, and in the valleys of the alto Gállego, Cinca, the Esera and Noguera-Ribagorza. In the year 1063, he/she invaded the Kingdom of Zaragoza, taking possession of Benabarre and besieging Graus; the infant heir of Castile, Sancho went on relief of the Muslim King of Zaragoza, Ahmad I Salfaddaula, vassal of Castile and together castellanos and Muslims, they defeated the Aragonese King. Ramiro I was killed in the battle on 8 May. his firstborn son happened Sancho Ramírez.