Biography of King of Aragón Ramiro II (¿-1137)

King of Aragon from the year 1134 to the 1137, brother of Alfonso I the Battler. He/She was a Benedictine monk, and was elected Bishop of Roda and Barbastro when took the title of King on the death of his brother, in whose will bequeathed the Kingdom of Aragon to the Knights Templar and the Hospital of San Juan. NI Aragon or Navarre accepted something similar, and the aragoneses chose Ramiro as King. Given this power vacuum, Ramiro agreed to exercise their sovereignty for the sake of the people.

Bit suitable for the war, he/she saw invaded their States by Alfonso VII of Castile. Through the marriage of his daughter Petronila, of two years of age, with the count of Barcelona Ramón Berenguer IV, in Barbastro in 1137, made the union of Aragon and Catalonia. He/She renounced the throne and retired to the Benedictine cloister of San Pedro el Viejo (Huesca), in 1137.