Biography of Charlotte Rampling (1945-VVVV)

British film actress born in Stürmer, Cambridge (England) on February 5, 1945.

He studied drama at the Royal Court School in London, where he came into contact with some of the young directors who formed the movement of renewal of the British cinema in the 1960s known as "Free cinema". His film debut occurred precisely with a small role in one of the emblematic titles of the movement, the Knack and how to get it (1964), by Richard Lester. After playing small roles in British films while acting regularly in theatre, he moved to Italy where was unveiled in one of the great films of his filmography, the fall of the gods (1969), by Luchino Visconti.

It was precisely in Italy where played the most important role of his career and he became an international star in the night (1973), Liliana Cavanigoalkeeper. This co-production between Italy, France and England in Vienna tells the story of the encounter between an old Jewish prisoner of a nazi concentration camp - Charlotte Rampling - and his tormentor, an officer of the S.S. which gives life the also British Dirk Bogarde who works in a hotel as a night Porter.It over the history and the direction of Liliana Cavani not fogged the extraordinary performances of its main couple. The controversy that arose around the film helped dramatically to its international success, which marked another step in the rescue of nazi aesthetics which occurred at the beginning of the 1970s, as well as the international launch of Charlotte Rampling.

Paradoxically, after the huge success and the controversy that arose with night Porter, the actress had difficulties to find important papers at the height of their dramatic abilities. Only the imagination of science fiction Zardoz (1973), from John Boorman, which shared the poster with Sean Connery, got the expected results in a deeply marked path by an only success. With mauve cab (1977), Yves Boisset, international co-production with an all-star cast, and memories (1980), by Woody Allen, his career rebounded, which provided him with one of the major roles of his life, the lawyer's final verdict (1982), Sidney Lumet, which stood at the interpretative height of a stunning Paul Newman, proposed to the Oscar of the Academy. Following your line of risky and unconventional characters, she played a woman in love with a monkey in the curious parable Max, my love (1986), one of the last films of the Japanese Naghisa Oshima.

The veteran actress was honored with the 2003 European film prize the best performer for her role in Swimming Pool, François Ozon. In May 2005, on the other hand, presented at the Festival de Cannes the Lemming film, French director Dominik Molle.


1964: The Knack and how to get it. 1966: Rotten to the core; The maiden retozona.1967: the legend of a brave. 1968: Target; Sequestro di person. 1969: Three; The fall of the gods. 1970: Adiós, hermano cruel; The ski bum; Vanishing point.1971: Corky.1972: macabre refuge; Henry VIII and his six wives. 1973: Night Porter; Giordano Bruno; Zardoz; Caravan to the adventure. 1974: Yupi Du; The flesh of the Orchid; Jackpot.1975: Goodbye, Dolly; Foxtrot. 1976: Orca, the killer whale. 1977: A taxi mauve. 1980: Memories. 1982: Final verdict. 1984: Live the Fri. 1985: Sad beauty. 1986: Max, my love; The heart of the angel; Mask. 1988: Dead on arrival; Paris by night. 1993: Time is money. 1996: Invasion of privacy. 1997: The wings of the Dove. 2003: Swimming Pool; The Statement.2004: Vers le sud; Inmortel (ad vitan); Jerusalemski sindrom; Le chiavi di casa.2005: Lemming; Vers le sud.

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