Biography of Jean Paul Rappeneau (1932-VVVV)

Director of French cinema, born 8 April 1932 at Auxerre.


Jean Paul Rappeneau graduated in law before deciding that his passion was writing and become a screenwriter. Their true masters would be those French filmmakers who during the Decade of the sixties a wide field where training was offered. As Assistant Director, doing work in equipment production and finally as a scriptwriter, Rappeneau left his stamp on a series of films that have already become part of the history of cinema. In 1959 he/she wrote El Toison de Oro for Robert Ives. He/She was the screenwriter of Louis Malle on two occasions: Zazie in the metro (1960) and private life (1961). This year, Alain Cavalier directed Le combat dans l´ille, also with a history of Rappeneau. And in 1964 he/she wrote the screenplay for the River man, directed by Philippe de Broca.

A year later he/she started direction - with the unique history of a short film - and premiered the naive wife, a comedy set in the France occupied during the second world war. It is precisely the comedy genre in which to unfold more like. Thanks and misfortunes of a married of the year II, starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, who already work in the River man, takes place during the French Revolution, combining comedy and the adventurous. My man is a savage brings together Ives Montand and Catherine Deneuve in a romantic comedy. And tout feu, tout flamme, also delves into the genre - but with less success – in the hands of Ives Montand and Isabelle Adjani, which interpret a seducer and his daughter. In 1989, Rappeneau directed the film that all director yearns to have in his filmography: which gives international projection combining recognition of critics and the public, Cyrano de Bergerac. This film is also a relaunch to Gérard Depardieu and his enormous success makes it a difficult milestone. His most recent work, the Horseman on the roof, starring Juliette Binoche, is also a literary adaptation; This time of the novel by Jean Giono, which still is a brilliant film does not get much impact.

For about thirty years, the Filmography of Rappeneau boils down to six titles. The reason we have look in his first passion, which is linked to the work of screenwriter. Perfectionist, meticulous, aims to equip his films of that roundness in the details, able to compose the perfect script. Corrections, touch-ups, upgrades, and the regrets do his work to see the light with a cadence of five years. Appreciation how meticulous writer also deals you in works of other directors, saving sometimes texts that had already been abandoned, or were lacking in resolution; on many occasions working anonymously. It is no wonder therefore is interested by the story of Cyrano de Bergerac: a man whose passion is to write, and selflessly making it to another, leaving him in the shade.


As screenwriter:

1959: The Golden Fleece. 1960: Zazie in the metro. 1961: Private life; Le combat dans l´ille. 1964: River man.

As director:

1965: The naive wife. 1970: Thanks and misfortunes of a married man of year II. 1975: My man is a savage. 1982: Tout feu, tout flamme. 1984: Swashbuckler. 1989: Cyrano de Bergerac. 1995: The Horseman on the roof.