Biography of Didier Ratsiraka (1936-VVVV)

Politically and militarily Malagasy, born 4 November 1936 in Vatomandry. For two years he studied at the prestigious colegio de San Miguel, in Tananarive, directed by Jesuit father. Later, he studied in France, at the Lycée Henry IV in Paris and began his military career in the Naval School of Lanvéoc-Poulmic, which became the officers School of transmissions of les Bormettes and the Superior of Naval Warfare from Paris.

After the independence of Madagascar, in June 1960, Didier Ratsiraka began in politics and from 1963 to 1970 held various positions related to his career. From 1970 to 1972 was added military at the Embassy of his country in France, since he left to accept to be head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who left in 1975 to become Prime Minister and Minister of Defensa.asumio for the first time the Presidency of the Democratic Republic of Madagascar in January 1976 and since then resided at Ambohitsorohitra, in the old Palacio, which belonged to the Malagasy monarchy before the French colonization.Didier was re-elected President for another seven years at the beginning of 1989, with 62.7 percent of the votes. His last re-election was marked by allegations that made reference to the lack of clean democratic process and lack of freedom during the election campaign.The 17-year regime of Didier definitely ended on March 9, 1993, when Albert Zafy, his biggest critic, was named President of Madagascar by the Supreme Court, to recognize her electoral victory of February 10 of this year.Ratsiraka has the grade of Admiral. He was also Chairman of the Supreme Revolutionary Council from June 1975, Secretary general of vanguard of the Malagasy revolution since 1976 and of the national front for the defence of the Socialist Revolution Malagasy from 1977.Es citizen of Honor of New Orleans, Louisiana, United States and is the author of a book entitled strategy for the year 2000. Didier Ratsiraka is married and is the father of four children.