Biography of Luis Emilio Recabarren (1876-1924)

Chilean politician born in Valparaíso in 1876 which, since the Guild of printers or printers (such as the Spanish Socialist Pablo Iglesias), founded the Socialist Workers Party of Chile in 1912, and the Communist Party of Chile in 1922. His political rebellion began in 1906, when he lost the Act of Deputy for having refused to swear on the Gospels; After founding the Socialist Party, the radical spirit led him into exile in Argentina, where he gave life to a faction that received the name of party socialist internationalist. The ideological turmoil affecting Europe and the new world extremely affected the thought of Recabarren, who rejected the democratic spirit of the II International from its newspaper La Justice, founded in 1921. When the III International gave birth to much of the Communist parties of the world, Recabarren was quick to react; However, his brief experience in the Soviet Union in 1922 had to be terrible, because he came back sick and depressed. Since that time, did not return to lift its head and ended up committing suicide in Santiago de Chile in 1924. The fame of this figure out of Chile is a famous song by Víctor Jara.