Biography of Recaredo I. Rey visigodo (586-601)

King of the Visigothic Spain. Son of Leovigild and his first wife Theodosia, married to Queen Badgo; It happened on the throne, not by choice as it was itself Visigothic Kings, but by unanimous consent, since from the year 572 had shared power with his father, in whose exercise had shown wisdom, in addition to have been distinguished as general, leading to a victory over the Franks Goths.

After the death of the powerful Arian Duke Sigebert, considered the political advantages of embracing Catholicism, and with the claim that does not seem a trivial decision, brought together the Catholics and Arians, bishops who invited to exhibit in his presence the arguments of the respective faiths, within which, Recaredo proclaimed his belief that the Catholic Orthodox creed was based on obvious arguments from Scripture.

Recaredo publicly stated the accession of him and his family to the Catholic Church, in a ceremony held in the city of Toledo on January 13, the year 587. Reccared I made profession of Orthodox faith, according to the ritual that is followed for the meaning of the Arian Goths in the Church. It is the beginning of an institutional policy that sought to approach and even the merger between the two major communities of the Kingdom: the Catholic hispanorromana and the Arian goda.

Most of the Visigoth Arians, including bishops, accustomed to live among Catholics, showed a great religious tolerance, which, except in Gaul where Recaredo was less respected, conversions were almost unanimous.

In Gaul Bishop Athaloc and two Gothic nobles rebelled, calling the Franks to their support. They were soon defeated by the generals of reccared I. Gosvintha, widow of Athanagild, after Leovigild, and stepmother of reccared I, who had publicly professed his conversion, hatched a conspiracy, that even if discovered, was not punished. Gosvintha died shortly thereafter, according to some committing suicide.

Personal conversion of reccared I was followed by the adoption of Catholicism as the official religion of the Gothic people, in the development of the III Council of Toledo in the year 589, under the patronage of San Leandro: on 8 May of the year 589, King Recaredo declared inaugurated the III Council of Toledo in order to give public testimony of the Visigothic conversion to Catholicism; in the texts of the Council, in addition to collecting the profession of faith of reccared I and its Gothic nobles, was made an ecclesiastical restoration, assimilation of the Arian clergy and ecclesiastic heritage-sharing plan; also, established rules for the celebration of councils that, from this moment on, had political and religious relevance with the meeting of the Aula Regia. It can be considered to this Council as the founding act of the Catholic Visigothic Kingdom of Toledo.

Shortly after the Council, Frank King together invaded Visigothic territories in Gaul with an army of more than 60,000 men, who laid siege to the city of Carcassonne. Claudio, general of reccared I, inflicted such defeat the Franks who never ever tried to back an invasion.

The subsequent Alliance with the Byzantine Mauricio Tiberio, devoted a long period of peace in the last years of life of reccared I, that died a natural death in Toledo from 1 to December 26 of the 601.

Nobles honoured his memory by choosing as a successor to his son Liuva II.

The consolidation of the Kingdom of Toledo.