Biography of Odilon Redon (1840-1916)

Painter and engraver French born on April 20, 1840 in Bordeaux and fellecido on July 6, 1916 in Paris. He/She studied at the National School of fine arts in Paris. In 1885 he/she participated in an Impressionist Exhibition, although his painting is mainly symbolic, and only painted some subjects related to Impressionism, vases of flowers, animals and landscapes. It was described as suggestive or surreal, expressing in his paintings a fantastic and supernatural, world of dreams and obsessions, inspired by authors such as Bosch, Bruegel, Blake, Fuseli, Goya and Grandville among others. His works include, homage to Goya, 1885, 1886, night and the temptation of san Antonio, all lithographs, and other works that preserved in the Louvre in Paris, portrait of Madame Odilon Redon, portrait of Gauguin and the sacred heart. He/She also decorated Domecy Castle and the Abbey of Fontfroide. Besides in the Louvre paintings and engravings are exposed in the Petit Palais in Paris and the Kröller-Müller Museum.