Biography of Keanu Reeves (1964-VVVV)

Film actor American, born in Beirut (Lebanon) on September 2, 1964, whose full name is Keanu Charles Reeves.


Keanu Reeves

Chino-hawaiano father and British mother, spends his early years in Toronto. At age 16 he moved to Los Angeles to work as an actor. During his stay in Canada, already had developed this activity during their studies and acted in the Theatre Arts High School. Their first performances take place in television series including "Hanging".At the age of twenty-two, he made his debut in films as Flying (1986), Paul Lynch, and forging of Champions (1986), Peter Markle, in supporting roles and not high quality. Its role, as secondary, in dangerous liaisons (1988), Stephen Frears, film that achieved a great success and which brings together a range of actors towards a great prestige in subsequent years. It becomes a young promise, especially thanks to its appearance in comedies like the amazing journey of Bill and Ted (1991) Pete Hewitt, although he has stated to prefer the first part of this story, entitled the amazing adventures of Bill and Ted (1989), directed by Stephen Herek.

Salta to fame with his speech in my private Idaho (1991), of the controversial Gus van Sant, a work considered by many as a true masterpiece of the so-called independent of United States cinema. From this moment on his activity becomes important and reaches the recognition of the public and the media, which contributes not a little his cultured demeanor in magazines and covers - has consolidated an image of man introvert, apart from the frivolous aspect of the world of the show-although he has been always reluctant to be grass of the tabloid press.

At the beginning of the 1990s, he lives a few years of splendour, when it is called by Francis Ford Coppola to work on Dracula (1992) - performance which however not left very satisfied Reeves - or be the protagonist of little Buddha (1993), by the hand of a Bernardo Bertolucci very away from its committed cinema and militant of its first European. This year is its intervention in much ADO and ADO (1993), the comedy adaptation of Shakespeare, performed by Kenneth Branagh.

His career seems to consolidate in recent years with Speed (1994), Jan de Bont, a completely commercial film, but entertaining and with an excellent reception from the public. From that moment, when everything seemed to point to the consolidation of his career, the actor works in a series of titles that make lower its prestige: A walk in the clouds (1995), PCR (1996), or the last time that I suicidé (1997) seem to bury a hopeful profession.

This situation comes to get his speech at sup with the Devil (1997), directed by Taylor Hackford, with Al Pacino as co-star. The film does not endorse hopes that they put in it, but Keanu Reeves action serves to recover some credit. These hopes are confirmed by his work in the Matrix (1999), directed by the Wachowski brothers, who was one of the successes of the year. In the film, Keanu plays the role of a computer specialist who realizes that mankind is handled by a series of evil computers. The stage is a nightmare, with clear influences from the decorations of the Ridley Scottsci-fi film. The tape had its corresponding sequels Matrix Reloaded (2002) and the Matrix Revolutions (2003).

The theatre has also formed part of his artistic work. It was a curious "Hamlet", which deprived him of intervening in Heat, the film which starred Al Pacino and Robert de Niro, with Michael Mann in the direction. However he never repented of it.

His interest in shoot himself the most risky scenes, without using double specialists has been well recognized. So much so that, in May 2004, he received the Taurus award in recognition merit demonstrated throughout her career by filming much of the scenes with physical exertion or moderate risk.

During the last years Reeves starred in great movies with great impact in the media and at the box office, as for example Ultimatum to Earth (2008) with more than 233 million dollars, with films that barely had impact, as for example the owners of the street (2008).

Passengers (2011), Cowboy Bebop (2011) and 47 Ronin (2012), are the films that we will soon see this actor.


1986: Flying; Forging of champions. 1987: Sadistic instinct. 1988: Dangerous liaisons; A Prince in America; Permanent memory; The Night Before. 1989: Sweet home... sometimes!; The Amazing Adventures of Bill and Ted. 1990: Love you until you Matt; Tune in Tomorrow. 1991: Providence; My private Idaho; The amazing journey of Bill and Ted; He is called Bohdi. 1992: Dracula, by Bram Stoker. 1993: Even Cowgirls Get; Freaked: crazy monsters stop; Much ADO and ADO; The little Buddha. 1994: Speed, maximum power. 1995: Johnny Mnemonic; A walk in the clouds. 1996: Chain reaction; Moon without honey. 1997: The last time that I suicidé; The Devil's advocate. 1998: Me and Will. 1999: Matrix.2002: Matrix Reloaded.2003: Matrix Revolutions. 2005: Something's Gotta Give, Thumbsucker and Constantine. 2006: A Scanner Darkly and La Casa del Lago. 2008: Street and Ultimatum to the land owners. 2009: The private lives of Pippa Lee. 2010: The crime of Henry. 2011: Passengers.


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