Biography of Ximena Restrepo (1969-VVVV)

Athlete Colombian, born in Medellín (Antioquia) in 1969, which has the honor of having obtained the first Olympic medal in athletics for their country. This feat took place during the Olympic Games of Barcelona 92, when he/she was third in the 400 m. This was not the first time he/she took part in an Olympics, since in Seoul 88 had raised with a brilliant semi-final place. Moreover, since that started professionally in the world of sport, Restrepo had been harvesting different titles that turned it into one of the values of the American athletics; Thus, account credited with the win in the Championship Ibero-American of Havana (1986), the South American Championship held in Quito, triumphs that it revalidated in Santiago de Chile the following year and the Junior World Championship that took place in Greece.