Biography of Fernando Rey (1917-1994)

Fernando Rey.

Spanish actor, born in La Coruña on September 20, 1917 and died in Madrid on March 9, 1994, whose real name was Fernando Casado Arambillet, although he is best known in the world of the interpretation by its pseudonym of Fernando Rey. With more than two hundred movies in his filmography, one of our players was more international, and one of the best and more complete. His performances were occasionally lectures, as he demonstrated on many occasions. Directors such as Juan de Orduña, Rafael Gil and Luis Buñuel among the Spaniards of their early years, or Demichelli, Vincent Minnelli, Orson Welles, Charlton Heston, or Robert Altman at the international stage, have approached Fernando Rey.


The Spanish Civil war forced him to abandon his studies of architecture and working in film as an extra. Actor theater and dubbing, first appeared in a film in 1936, in Nuestra Natacha, and after several films as a child, his first successful film was Eugenia de Montijo in 1944. Its appearance of galan would be exploited in several films, some of them historical and adaptations of literary classics. It was one of the players common in Spanish productions of the 1940s and 50 in this type of papeles de galan, to the role played in Viridiana (1961).


This and other films of Buñuel were starring Fernando Rey, who became one of the fetish of the principal actors, and, thanks to the international projection of the first, became known abroad. Actor admired and loved within the profession, was awarded prizes for the Best Actor in San Sebastián and Cannes and with the Gold Medal of the Academy of Arts and cinematographic Sciences of Spain. He was awarded a Goya for Best Actor for his work in Journal of winter (1988). Also intervened in several series of television, including Don Quixote, role that played brilliantly despite already ill (and which had been interpreted in film on other occasions). Among his extensive filmography we must highlight: the last of Philippines (1945), Locura de amor (1948), Marcelino bread and wine (1954), Sonatas (1959), chimes at midnight (1965), the return of the magnificent seven (1966), French Connection: against the Empire of the drug (1971), the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie (1972), Nina (1976), Elisa, vida mía (1977), Monsignor (1982), our father (1985) or Madregilda (1993).


Feature films: 1936: our Natacha. 1939: The King raged; The four unique. 1940: Legend broken; The pain; The gypsy girl. 1941: I do not I look you!; Escuadrilla.1944: Eugenia de Montijo. 1945: Thirsty land; It was written; Los últimos de Filipinas. 1946: White mission; The next time we live; The prodiga.1947: Queen Santa; Fuenteovejuna; Princess des Ursins; Twelfth Night; Don Quixote of the Mancha.1948: Madness of love; If you had married with me; Mare Nostrum.1949: The adventures of Juan Lucas.1950: crime in the intermission; Agustina de Aragón.1951: black sky; Lady of Fatima; Hours of panic. 1952: The siege of the devil; The Black Lagoon; Cabaret; The platform; The tyrant of Toledo.1953: Airport; The Mayor of Zalamea; Rebeldia.1954: Comedians; The latest flags; Ticket to Tangier. 1955: Marcelino, bread and wine; Palaya prohibited; An adventure of Gil Blas. 1956: The love of don Juan; Faustina.1957: A husband's return. 1958: Revenge; Les bijoutiers du clair de lune; The culprits; Parque de Madrid; Ghost in the casa.1959: Mission in Morocco; Sonatas; Two and a half and poison; The last days of Pompeii; Life without laughter. 1960: Teresa; Don Lucio and brother Pio; The rebellion of the esclavos.1961: Viridiana; It is always Sunday; Goliath against the Giants; Arrivano; Brutal land. 1962: Rogelia; The face of terror; The Valley of swords; Scherezade.1963: The price of death; The devil also cries; Unknown time; Deadly crossroads; End of semana.1964: the spontaneous; The new Cinderella; Pigeons; To escape libre.1965: the son of the gunman. El Señor de La Salle; Lisbon mission; Chimes at midnight; I zampo and I; Blitz; The judges of the Bible; The last King of the Incas; Don Quijote.1966: El Greco; Cards face up; The return of the magnificent seven; Joe, the implacable; Theft of diamonds; Apart from the montanas.1967: Dulcinea del Toboso; Gangland robbery; Love in the air; A history inmortal.1968: Cervantes; Villa rides; A shroud to the medida.1969: the fury of the magnificent seven; Death of a President; Tristana.1970: The Libertines; Girls Club; The companions; The anger of the viento.1971: A town called bastard; The light at the end of the world; Cold eyes of fear; French Connetion: against the Empire of the drug; History of treason; Alibi in red disc; Marco Antonio and Cleopatra; White, red and... 1972: doubt; The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie; That kind of love; Tarots; A road; The Inferno, gringo.1973: white Fang; The fall of a body; Death penalty; Police stops, law judges. 1974:... and others?; Say it with flowers; The woman with red boots; Corruption in the Palacio of Italian justice. 1975: The great bourgeoisie; Pascualino sietebellezas; French Connetcion II; Manuela.1976: Most excellent corpses; Nina; The voyage of the damned; Jesus of Nazareth; Streep-tease; The second power; The tartaros.1977 desert: l'occhio dietro the parete; Elisa, vida mía; That obscure object of desire; Uppdraget.1978: Playmate, man object; Rebellion; Great jam; Quintet.1979: Memorias de Leticia Valle; The crime of Cuenca.1980: Caboblanco; The vera storia della signora delle camelie.1981: sweet female skin; Swallow, dog; Caste and pura.1982: A Estrangeira; Endless Gesù; Monsenor.1983: Bearn or the room of the munecas.1984: Un amour interdit; The vengeance; The arrow Negra.1985: those crazy rustlers; Saving Grace; Our father; The dragon.1986 Knight: Hotel du Paradis; My general.1987: the animated forest; The tunel.1988: Paso doble; Daily winter; The air of a crime; By accidente.1990 President: Emerald Bay; The battle of the three kings; Diceria dell'untore; Naked Tango.1991: Atlantide; The cruzadas.1992: the sow; 1942: the conquest of paradise; After the sueno.1993: Madregilda; The cyanide only or with milk? 1994: on the other side of the tunnel.

He put the voice in: 1949: Sabela Cambados.1951: the securing of the air. 1952: welcome, Mister Marshall.1953: Christ. 1955: In a lejano.1956 country: Madrid in ten minutes (documentary). 1965: unusual Spain (documentary). 1968: the Prince and Annie; A small green colonizer (documentary). 1970: Repsol lubricants (documentary). 1975: did exist on another site? 1985: Offshore. 1992: don Quixote de Orson Welles.

Short films: 1968: the preparations (medium). 1969: the book of good love (only voice off). 1976: everything is dreaming.

Works for television: 1984: Anno domini (series. EE.UU). 1986: pazos de Ulloa (series. Spain); The summer of 36 (series. Spanish-French). 1987: the Captain Cook (series. Area - German). 1988: the great secret (series. Spanish-French). 1989: Naples Connetion (series. Italy). 1990: Don Quixote (series. Spain). 1992: Mission of love (series. Hispano-Italiana). 1993: El conde Arnau (series. Spain).


Best actor (prodigal) of the Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos. 1946.Al Best Actor the Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos (Mare Nostrum). 1948.Mejor Actor (Zampo and I) of the national syndicate of spectacle. 1965.Mejor (Tristana) Actor of the national syndicate of spectacle, Silver (by Tristana) 1970.Fotogramas. 1970.Mejor (Tristana) Actor of the Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos. 1970.Mejor (doubt) Actor at the San Sebastián International Film Festival. 1972.Mejor (Elisa, vida mía) Actor at the Festival international de cinema de Cannes.1977.Barandilla de la Concha in the San Sebastián International Film Festival. 1980.Medalla of gold to the artistic merit of the fine arts. Spain. 1982.Premio Memorial XXXV anniversary. Cannes. 1983.Mejor Actor (for journal of winter and the air of a crime) in the San Sebastián International Film Festival. 1988.Goya for Best Actor for his work in Journal of winter. 1988.Premio Nacional de Cinematografía. 1990.recibio the first gold medal conceded by the Academy of Arts and cinematographic Sciences of Spain. 1991.Premio (by Don Quixote) best actor at the International Festival of audiovisual programmes of Cannes. 1992.Caballero of the order of the letters and the arts of France. 1992.