Biography of Yolanda Reyes (s. XX)

Poet and Colombian Narrator of the second half of the 20th century, born in Bucaramanga (Santander Department). Inclined from an early age to the cultivation of literary creation, it has developed important work promotion and cultural animation in groupings as the collective "scarecrow workshop", which has been Director. Specializing in publications aimed at small readers, among his works we must emphasize some titles so celebrated by children and young people Colombians as terror sixth B and María de los Dinosaurios.

In his role as Narrator, Yolanda Reyes is among the Hispanic American authors selected by the Spanish publishing house Alfaguara for his famous collection entitled "The rights of the child", conceived as a selection of current stories in which emphasizes the following editorial criteria: "every one of the stories has been created by prestigious writers and illustrators from different Spanish-speaking countries", that they have come together to show the kids and girls what are their main rights and how to achieve a more just and more United World". In addition to Yolanda Reyes, the authors selected by Alfaguara are Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy (of the United States of America), Jorge Eslava (Peru), Ana María de el Río (Chile), Armando José Sequeira (Venezuela), Francisco Hinojosa (Mexico), Roy Berocay (Uruguay), Migdala Fonseca (Puerto Rico), Elvira Lindo (Spain) and Luis María Pescetti (Argentina).

The story written by Colombian author for this collection, published under the title of black holes, tells the story of Juan, a boy who has not yet returned to San Juan de el Sumapaz since their parents died. Among the memories that guardian of that enigmatic place - took that walk when I was very small-occupied foremost in a strange black holes that have made him lose the dream since he/she saw them. As a birthday gift, Juan gets to her grandmother to take you back up to there. On his return to the city, already can turn off the Hall light while sleeping: black holes have disappeared.

As a sign of his brilliant poetic work, below one of the renowned children's poems from the author of Bucaramanga, entitled "Pots and pans": "a day in the kitchen / dish slipped, / rolled on a pot / and the noise began." The lid of the cooker / a skip is suddendly, / fell on vessels / and everyone broke them. / And clink, crystals / flew to the Inn, / and clink, pans / followed function. / And WHAM, encountered / knife and fork, / and WHAM, which is entangled / with a big ladle. / And swing, the Blender / suddenly lit, / threw a short / with sparks of neon. / Tomato sauce / vial got / and gave the condiments / a touch of sabooor [sic]. / And the microwave oven / also connected, / thousand calories burned / dancing rock 'n' roll. / Silence in the kitchen / the party's over, / the owner enters scene / barely give you a shock. / Disaster on the floor / end function, / broom slips / with a soft murmur. "/ Sponge and brush / whisper to his song, / not flies or a fly / the SOAP is not heard".