Biography of Carlos Reyles (1868-1938)

Born in Montevideo in 1868 and died in 1938, Uruguayan writer representing the Summit of Uruguayan modernist narrative together with Javier de Viana .

It belonged to the aristocracy of livestock, with properties in Uruguay and Argentina. His life spent in the care of their heritage and their business, at the same time that did travel the world and was devoted to the literature, growing mostly narrative. He was President of the Pen Club and the sodre (1936) and played in the Colorado Party; also established in 1903 a politico-economic association known as labour League. His first novel, life, published it with twenty years; It was followed by drink (1894), naturalist and character centered in a rural environment, the race of Cain (1900), with characters from the landowner oligarchy, the terroir (1916), the enchantment of Seville (1922) and the gaucho Florido (1932). As an author of short stories he wrote, during his long stay in Spain, Domenico (1892), Mansilla (1893) and the Odyssey of Perucho (1895). It has also left several books of essays: the new ideal (1903), the Dying Swan (1910), Olympic dialogues, I-II (1918-19), the new sense of Gaucho narrative (1931), Panoramas of the modern world (1932) and incentives (1936).


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