Biography of King of Inglaterra o Ricardo "Corazón de León" Ricardo I (1157-1199)

King of England, son of Henry II Plantagenet and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Born in Oxford in September 8, 1157 and Charlus died in 1199. Promised at an early age with Alicia, daughter of Luis VII of France, who made him Duke of Aquitaine, and as such vassal of the King of France, made that would bring major future consequences.

In 1173, he/she revolted against his father first, but it was defeated. Concentrated since then in the Government of his French possessions. But the power that they showed, provoked suspicions of his father, and faced the threat of a possible disinheritance, sought the friendship of the French King, Felipe Augusto.

After the death of his father in 1189, Ricardo inherited the throne to be the eldest of his children remained alive. It immediately changed its policy with regard to France, which became more hostile. He/She married Berenguela, daughter of Sancho VI of Navarre, in 1191, breaking its commitment with Alice, which was an affront to the honor of the French King, who waited a better situation to take revenge.

Under a vote that made before he/she ascended to the throne, organized in 1188 the third crusade together with Emperor Federico I Barbarossa and Felipe II Augusto de Francia. In 1190 he/she arrived in Messina, where he/she joined the rest of the troops, and befriended Tancredo, King of Sicily, whose daughter promised the hand of his nephew Arturo of Britain. San Juan de Acre (1191) took and the English king the Byzantines conquered Cyprus. The following year he/she made a pact with Saladin I by which pilgrims could freely go to Jerusalem and the Christian worship would be respected. Failed to conquer this city, but it did the survival of Antioch, Tripoli and a Kingdom of Jerusalem quite diminished, so the annexation of Cyprus offered great possibilities for the future. It achieved great successes, but his cruelty and arrogance serious enemies won him. Relations with Felipe Augusto, who also was in the Holy Land, became so strained that the King of France returned as soon as he/she could, and immediately got in touch with Juan sin Tierra, brother and rival of Ricardo to offer his help in the conquest of the English throne. To learn of you intrigues it, Ricardo signed an agreement with Saladin and left Palestine in 1192. But passing through Austria, the Duke Leopoldo, which was suffered since the crusade Ricardo had drag your banner by mud, made him prisoner and delivered it to the Emperor Henry VI , who retained it for more than one year, until he/she paid a strong rescue and acknowledged his vassalage to the emperor.

Meanwhile, his brother Juan sin Tierra took advantage of his absence to seize the throne of England according to Felipe Augusto de Francia, which had already begun the conquest of Normandy. Ricardo, arrived in their homeland in 1194 and soon regained their territories, forcing the French King to ask for peace in 1196. Ricardo got to unite Brittany, Flanders, and Toulouse against Felipe Augusto counties and did choose King of Germany to his nephew Otto of Brunswick.Ricardo had in mind a vast plan to become the arbiter of Christendom, by placing the various kingdoms, well under its direct control, under the like minded people to him, but the ruinous State of the English Treasury forced him to withdraw. Then came news of a fabulous treasure that was in the Manor of Chaluz, and while he/she was besieging the fortress, received a wound of arrow which died April 6, 1199 to your ears. His brother Juan Sin Tierra succeeded him on the throne.