Biography of Yolanda del Riego (1943-VVVV)

Painter, draughtsman and Spanish designer, born on August 7, 1943 in Santo Domingo, in the family of a Spanish exiles.

Full childhood returns to Madrid to study; in this city, it remained until 1965, year in which moved to United States, where he/she lives until 1981. There he/she studied painting, drawing, design and metal and ceramic work. Since 1973 is in Alaska as an artist a scholarship for the Visual Arts Center. In this institution, he/she is interested in engraving and stamping. During the following years, he/she studied and collaborates with artists such as Lee Chesney, Clinton Cline, Jules Heller, Toshi Yoshida and Misch Kohn, who receives training in engraving techniques and become familiar with the latest trends of chalcography.

He studied lithography with John Sumer of the Tamarind Institute Katheryn Lipke, of Quebec; with it, learn the method of dyeing and paper manufacture. In 1981, he/she settled permanently in Madrid. It has numerous awards and distinctions. His graphic work is present in the main collections of Spain and Alaska.