Biography of Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891)

French poet who was born in Charleville, Ardenne and died in Marseille. It belonged to a bourgeois, conservative and religious family which imposed an education based on rigid and authoritarian values against which soon rebelled. Lived Paris Commune after the fall of NapoleĆ³n III and so escaped from his house; This way adventure led him to wander through Paris in a continuous search for itself. He befriended Verlaine after having submitted the poem the drunken boat, which recognized as Basic for new poetry. When he met Rimbaud, Verlaine had just been married, and felt called to lead a bourgeois life, however was dragged by the unstable nature of the 17 years of Rimbaud; He abandoned his wife and together they traveled to Belgium. Verlaine was looking for aesthetic autojustificacion, Rimbaud self-destruction. He left Verlaine when he got tired of this, who was rejected he smote Rimbaud's a gun and ended up in a Belgian jail. When recovering from his wounds he wrote a work entitled a season in hell (1873) and started the illuminations, which continued between 1874 and 75, and published in 1886 by Verlaine. He left Belgium and traveled to England, Germany, Italy and the Dutch colonies such as volunteer fighter; He was also in a circus touring Europe. In 1880 he went to Abyssinia as a sales representative, city in which renounced the literary composition, and was dedicated to the smuggling. A tumor was formed in a knee and was admitted to a hospital in Marseille where cut off her leg a few months died. Verlaine included him in his work the accursed poets, 1884, in which stated that Rimbaud was a young poet that opened a new era. His works appeared posthumously in 1898 and include: first poems; Appendix; Illuminations and a season in hell; Letters and sketches would later be added.

In his work the rejection of Europe, is visible to his own person and his training; the author is in a constant search for its own cancellation, including publication of his works; He only published in life a season in hell.