Biography of Gwen Pharis Ringwood (1910-VVVV)

Playwright and Canadian novelist in the English language, born in Anatone, Washington, in 1910.

He studied at the universities of Montana, Alberta and North Carolina. He wrote dramas, musicals for children and for the radio. In addition, wrote a novel entitled Younger brother, published in 1959, and some accounts.

It is its dramas, is a large number of topics and uses various techniques, but his main achievement is the ability to capture the essence of the place: the surroundings of the Canada West and its inhabitants. Comic vein appears in works such as The courting of Marie Jenvrin, The jack and the joker, The rainmaker (1975), A fine coloured Easter egg; or the drowning of Wasyl Nemitchuk and Widger´s way (1976). In Lament for Harmonica, protest, especially sexual exploitation, of the Indians by the Canadian whites; you are The stranger and The deep has many voices.

Within their musical pieces, notably Look behind you, neighbour, written in 1961, and The road runs north. In 1982, saw the light The collected plays of Gwen Pharis Ringwood, a collection that contains twenty-five plays.