Biography of Francisco de Rioja (1583-1659)

Spanish poet who was born in Seville and died in Madrid. He was a chronicler of Castile, Counsellor of the Inquisition, Librarian of King Felipe IV and lawyer. He was a friend of the count-Duke of Olivares, he accompanied into exile. He returned to Seville in 1654 and was introduced again in court. With a style heavily influenced by Herrera, his are the ornamental silvas: jasmine; To the Carnation; The wealth; Constancy. In prose he wrote a letter by way of introduction of the poetry of Herrera for the edition of Pacheco in 1619. In 1637, the library of the Royal Alcazar of Madrid, according to the catalogue produced this year by Francisco de Rioja, had about 2. 000 volumes.