Biography of Jacques Rivette (1928-VVVV)

Director of French cinema, real name Pierre Louis Rivette, born in Rouen (Seine Maritime) on March 1, 1928. Known for the glory of the Nouvelle Vague and the French film committed as Jacques Rivette, had teachers of emergency before you begin your journey, why would win followers and detractors in equal parts between the criticism. Jean Renoir, Jacques Becker, Jean Mitry, François Truffaut and Eric Rohmer you had your orders as an Assistant and as a camera, before it passed through the stage of the short film and leave after Yes titles such as Aux quatre coins (1949) or Le divertissement (1952). It was not this genre, however, where its principles would leave exposed. In addition to writing for La Gazette du Cinéma and Arts, was one of the first critics of Cahiers du Cinéma, and also one of the most conscientious.

His first feature film, Paris nous appartient (1960), Claude Chabrol and Jean-Luc Godard was among a cast that moves through the Paris of 1957 without losing sight of political, artistic and Existentialist principles. The nun (1966), was, however, his second film, which provided him with fame, even if it was through the scandal. Based on the novel by Diderot, it denounces the Conventual abuses and step becomes toy of censorship. These problems lead him to devote himself for a time to directing short films, documentaries and experimental works such as Jean Renoir, le patron (1966), at the time that gains international recognition with Celine and Julie go on boat (1974), a magical journey that pays homage to Alice in the Wonderland and that was scripted by Juliet Berto, one of its protagonists. Rivette was awarded the special jury prize at the Locarno International Festival, and his attempt to explore the thin line that separates reality from the fantasy was all a triumph.

The tenacity with which Rivette is introduced into the universe of his characters - the most interesting are the female - arrives on occasions to consider the argument as something completely secondary. Perhaps the explanation for this phenomenon in the work of Rivette is located in L'Amour par terre (1984), a story in which two actresses are hired by an author to interpret his work, whose end has not yet written. In 1985 he/she premiered Hurlevent, a version of Wuthering Heights, whose script he/she himself is responsible for. Berlin recognized his work in bande it des quatre (1988), which would be Press Award, FIPRESCI and nominated for the Golden bear for best film, as well as get an honorable mention to the director.

One of his most introspective titles met two versions: the beautiful liar (1991), made for the trio Michel Piccoli, Emmanuelle Béart and Jane Birkin, and which premieres in four and two hours. The first version allowed creation in real-time, linking to a relentless painter and his model, who begins to understand what moves the artist when this wall his picture. A lesson for the Viewer, who remains unaware of the artistic result of so much time spent.

In 1993, Rivette began their particular crusade in favor of history. In Jeanne la Pucelle: Les batailles and Les prisons (1993-1994) tries, with the help of Sandrine Bonnaire, retrieve the Joan of arc warrior without entering the cliches; that is, ignoring the nature of Holiness. With his next title takes a radical turn in its travel and like to do Resnais with On same old song, Rivette premiered a musical drama in lathe three women: an ex-prostituta, an amnesiac and a seller of books, whose lives intersect in a night club of luxury.

One of the more interesting directors of actresses, Rivette gets that the mere presence of these seems sufficient to reveal all a melting pot of shades that he/she manages to extract from their performances. However, even though the director's work is well supported by the critics, it should be recognized that in general his films seem to the public in excess closed, causing a generalized rejection.


As director.

Short films.

1949: Aux quatre coins.1950: Le quadrille.1952: Le divertissement.1955: Charlie, 22 ans, trompette (code).1956: Le coup du berger (and screenwriter and actor). 1974: Naissance et mort de Prométhée; Essai sur l'agression.

Feature films.

1960: Paris nous appartient (and argument and coguion). 1966: the religious (and coguion); Jean Renoir, le patron (and actor). 1968: L'Amour fou (and coguion). 1970: Out One: noli me tangere (and coguion). 1971: Out One: Spectre (and coguion). 1974: Celine et Julie go by boat (and coguion). 1976: Noroit (and coguion); Duelle (and coguion). 1981: Le pont du Nord (and coguion). 1983: Merry-Go-Round (and screenplay). 1984: L'Amour par terre (and screenplay). 1985: Hurlevent (and screenplay). 1988: bande them des quatre (and screenplay). 1991: the beautiful liar, divertimento (and screenplay); The beautiful liar (and screenplay). 1993: Jeanne La Pucelle (1. Les Batailles. (And screenplay); Jeanne la Pucelle (2. Les prisons. And screenplay). 1995: Lumière et compagnie; Haut bas fragile (and screenplay). 1998: Secret défense (and screenplay).

As an actor.

1950: Le Château de verre.1979: La Mémoire courte.1990: Jacques Rivette, le disponibilité.

Other works.

1954: Une visit (photography); Berenice (photography); French Can Can (meritorious); Alí Baba and the 40 Thieves (meritorious).