Biography of Brooks Hoover Robinson (1937-VVVV)

Baseball American, born in Little Rock (Arkansas) on May 18, 1937, for many the best third base of all time, very complete both in defense and in attack.

Robinson toured all competitive levels of baseball: high school, amateur leagues and minor professional leagues, including the Pacific League, until in 1955 to a team of major league, the Baltimore Orioles. After several seasons of waiting for his chance on the bench, in 1958 he began playing regularly and in 1960 was revealed as one of the best fielders in the American League, with a percentage of field of. 977. In 1964 he showed that he could also shine in the offensive side and their 28 home-runs and a.317 batting earned him to be named "most valuable player" (MVP).

In the 1966 season was cornerstone of the Orioles in the conquest of the League and the World Series title before de Los Ángeles Dodgers and ushered in a period of success for the team from Baltimore that included three more pennants (1969-1971) and the World Series in 1970 against the Cincinnati Reds. At the individual level, Robinson completed one of his most memorable performances in the World Series against the powerful Reds, when in addition to displaying impeccable defense, he hit with a phenomenal. 429, threw six runs and scored two home-runs that made him the most valuable player of the series.

In 1977 he gave ended his career after having played nearly 3,000 games with the Orioles t-shirt, write down 6.205 assists, 2.697 putouts, 268 home-runs and 2.848 hits marks record all of them in the American League for a third baseman. He was elevated to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1983.